Do you know how to use Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal???


Wellness Notes


I used the Smudge Spray in my house for a few days and definitely could tell a difference in the energy in my kids and myself!! Thank you!!! 

Candice - Ontario, CA

The eucalyptus scrub has my skin feeling velvety and very soft to the touch!!! Every part of my body has never felt so good!!!

Pamela - Norfolk, VA

My husband had a bad headache the other day. i used the CAMPHOR OIL to rub his temples. It HELPED HIM WITHIN MINUTES.

Alancia Gray - @prideofkingslp

THE BREATHE BUTTER is Bomb!! The oil for the workouts (NOURISH). It Literally helped my man heal his back spasms.

Elle - @echelonmagicboutique

THE BREATHE BUTTER is Awesome!! My son was feeling congested and I applied it to his chest. his nose started running 30 minutes later!!! This stuff is AMAZING!! Buy all of it ASAP!!

Koren K. - @ashy_lisa

HELLO, I ordered from you I think a month ago. I ordered your detox bath, exfoliating gloves, and bentonite clay blend. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS. Thanks for the sample of body butter. your products WORK WONDERS.

Lashauna Ash - Toronto Canada