Congestion Relief Salve

Congestion Relief Salve

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similar to vapor rub but with anti-inflammatory herbs- Contains an Anti-inflammatory oil blend (calendula, chamomile, lavender0

-Organic Beeswax

-made with Shea Butter to aid relieving inflammation

-this has notes of Eucalyptus, Spearmint, peppermint, and camphor that is so soothing when your nasal passages are congested

This Butter is a blend of Anti-inflammatory infused oils.  It is used to soothe the skin and help with chest congestion.

This was intentionally blended to be safe for kids and diabetics. 

This was formulated to mimic the aromatics of traditional Vapor rub. This contains my Anti-Inflammatory Blend to help with congestion. 

Apply this anywhere you would use traditional Vapor Rub:

-the chest

-the bottom of your feet

-can be mixed with traditional Castor oil detox the body through the skin

Ingredients: beeswax, Anti-inflammatory oil, Shea Butter, Congestion Relief Oil, Eucalyptus Essential oil